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Wiązownica Kolonia

A village that lies approximately 17 kilometres east of Staszów. Wiązownica Kolonia ("Wiązownica Colony") has its own parish, dedicated to Archangel Michael. The village belonged to the Commune of Osiek in years 1867-1954 and was annexed into the Municipality of Staszów on January 1st 1973. Wiązownica Kolonia belonged to Wiązownica until 1954.

There is a church in Wiązownica Kolonia which was built in 1884, replacing the old 15th-century church which burned down in 1820. Under Russian annexation, local goods were seized by the invaders. Tsarist general Vasily Pogodin became new owner of Wiązownica Kolonia in 1835. Despite the circumstances, General Pogodin turned out to be a good host. In his expansive estate he built a palace, established a sophisticated homestead, and even financially supported the construction of a church. Pogodin was also a senator of the Sejm of the Kingdom of Poland. He died in 1863 and was buried at the parish cemetery in Wiązownica. His daughter, Alexandra, inherited the Wiązownica Kolonia estate. She later married a high-ranking official of the tsarist administration, Alexander Pietrov. The Wiązownica estate remained in the hands of Pietrow family until 1918. After Poland regained independence, Wiązownica Kolonia was parceled out.

After World War II the Pogodin palace still served the local authorities. The descendants of its former owners tried to regain the estate during the 1990s, and succeeded. There is a 400-year-old natural monument oak tree in the palace's vicinity.

By the end of 1999 there were 561 people residing in Wiązownica Kolonia, in 2006 – 516 residents, in 2012 – 461 residents, and by the end of 2015 there were 454 people living there.

04-11-2016, Michał Mróz
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