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"Golejów" Natural Landscape Complex

This complex was created in 2003. It is located at the forest's edge in close proximity to the forester's lodge in Golejów, Staszów. Currently it spans across 1,41 hectares. The bulk of the Natural Landscape Complex is comprised of pine and oak trees, which are part of the oldest nautral woods in the region. Some of those oak trees are 150 years old and can be up to 24 meters tall.

The "Dziki Staw" Forest and Water Nature Reserve contains a lake that is 2,9 hectares wide and 2 meters deep. The lake is surrounded by wild wetlands, inhabited by very rare species of animals and overgrown with rare plants. There is also a beautiful, 120 years old larch wood with stunning specimen of the European larch, some of them 35 meters tall. Wildlife includes cormorants, grebes, black storks, herons, otters and badgers. Furthermore, there is also confirmed presence of an extremely rare protected spieces of aquatic fern: salvinia natans (commonly known as floating fern). This haven of peace and quiet is sure to satisfy and impress even the most refined tourists.

15-09-2022, Robert Wojtal
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